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If you haven't been invited to be a member, then come stop by some of our meetings first. The first meeting is free!


You must sign up on the Membership Application Form as well. Make sure to use the same email on the application form and on this page when submitting your billing info. Find out why.

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Our Club

You know us, you love us, and we love you too. While we try to rely mostly on fundraising, your dues keep us afloat.

Rotary International

Rotary International connects us with a diverse range of clubs all over the world. RI is one of the best charities with making sure every dollar goes to the cause, not to overhead.

Follow the Money

It's your money, you should know where it goes. Click in the chart to change the text below.

Click on the different sections of the pie chart to get more information.

Club: Donation to Rotary Foundation The Rotary Foundation is the arm of Rotary directly involved with charities and grants. Basically, clubs (like ours) apply to the Foundation for grants when they have causes that are worth supproting. Every club is expected to make a donation to the Rotary Foundation — some ask their members for donations once a year, we're making it part of your membership dues.

Club: PR for projects The only way our projects succeed is if people know about them. This way, we can get the word out on good causes before we have time to start fundraising. Projects will be expected to pay back their PR costs from fundraising if applicable.

Club: Administration From hosting this site to buying office supplies, running a club costs money. All expenses must be approved by the treasurer to ensure accountability.

Club: Conference Expenses Some conferences, like the President Elect Training Seminar, are mandatory expenses for the club. The club also wants to have some funds available to be able to sponsor members to go on conferences, but in order to keep the costs down we have kept this contribution relatively small.

District 5020 Just like Canada has provinces, Rotary has districts. District 5020 includes Vancouver island, the lower mainland, and western Washington state.

Rotary International Our club is billed by RI for each member we have. Rotary uses those funds to help out clubs around the world and tackle issues that are too big for any individual clubs. One of RI's big objectives has been eliminating polio, something it's done tremendously well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay with cash or cheque?

We're happy to accept cash or cheque for yearly payments. However, we prefer you do not pay cash or cheque for monthly payments. We don't want our treasurer to feel like a debt-collector, and it's much less work for everyone this way. So, if you want to do monthly payments we ask you do them online via this page.

That being said, if for some reason you can't do online purchases and need to do monthly payments, get in touch. We can work something out.

Was my payment processed? The Stripe box where I inputted my credit disappeared.

If your payment is a success, you'll see a quick green checkmark and then the payment box will disappear. If your card is declined, then the credit card box will shake and turn red, indicating a problem.
So yes, if the box disappeared you're all good.

Why do I have to use the same email?

We identify you in our billing system (Stripe) via your email. So, it's important that you use the same email address on the Membership Application Form as you do when making your payments on this billing page.

Why does the club have dues?

Part of the reason is to pay our bills. For each member of our club, Rotary International will send the club a bill. That's where around half of your dues go. The other half go to the club so we can fund initaitives

Can I get a receipt? Is it tax-deductible?

One will be mailed to you. And unfortunately, donations to the club do not count as tax-deductible at this time. We're looking into it!

What happens if a recurring-payment doesn't go through?

Our system will automatically try to bill you again on 3 times over the span of a week. If all of those fail, the subscription is automatically cancelled, and we'll all receive emails telling us so.

I'm still lost. Can I talk to a person?

Of course! Just send us an email at, or flag someone down at a meeting.