Rotary Club

of Downtown Victoria

Re-Thinking How We Do Rotary

We are the newest Rotary club in Victoria. This club is designed to be active, flexible, accessible and economical for leaders and professionals in Victoria. We usually meet every Wednesday at The Bent Mast (512 Simcoe Street) at 545pm. Once a month we have a social or volunteer event, so please check out our Facebook page for the latest meeting information and upcoming events.


The RCDV is dedicated to active community involvement. Help us make a difference locally and internationally. Attend a meeting, share your ideas and get involved!


Club membership is open to people of all ages and professions. We meet at the practical time of 6pm, so you can come along and have a drink or a bite to eat and socialize with new, like minded indivduals.

Don't think you can be a Rotarian? Think again!


Rotary shouldn’t cost a fortune. RCDV intends to keep costs low, so we can focus on the important aspects of being a Rotarian. There is no meal requirement, it is at your discretion if you purchase food or drink.


We understand that people lead busy lives and it can be daunting to figure out how you will fit Rotary into it! Don't fear, membership of this club is flexible. You can meet your two event minimum through numerous club events and regular meetings.

Why Join Rotary?

Rotary is the whole package, there are so many opportunities intertwined into one global organization. Here are the three main reasons why everyone should be part of Rotary

Rotary Advantage

Being a Rotarian makes you stand out through the unique opportunities it provides. You can network with local and international professionals. Rotary has over 1.3 million members all over the world. Rotarians network on an international level. You can also improve on skills vital for a competetive resume.

Rotary Leadership

Rotary also provides plenty of opportunities for you to develop as a leader and professional. Numerous conferences, workshops and networking opportunities are offered to develop your skills.

Rotary Service

Rotary also provides you with the opportunity to give back to your local community and communities worldwide. We work on creating volunteer and fundraising opportunities for members to take part in. We welcome member's ideas for events, so if you are passionate about a particular cause Rotary provides the forum for you to succeed.

How To Join

If becoming a Rotarian sounds like something that would add value to your life both professionally and personally, there are several ways to get started on your journey with Rotary. You can apply online to be a member, contact us with any questions you may have or come to one of our weekly meetings to see what we are about before you apply.

Membership Dues

Why Are There Dues?

Rotary membership dues are an important part of being a Rotarian. It supports Rotary International's initiatives all over the world. It’s a small price to pay to be able to experience the benefits of Rotary.

Economical Rotary

We pride ourselves on offering the most inexpensive way to be a Rotarian in town. There are no obligatory meeting costs which normally would triple the cost of being a Rotarian.

Flexible Dues

We offer various ways for members to pay their membership dues in order to make payments as convenient as possible. Members can choose to pay monthly or yearly. Dues are payable either by cash, cheque, e-transfer, credit card or paypal.

Initiation Due

There will be an initiation due. This covers your name tag, T-Shirt, Rotary pin, welcome package and administrative costs when processing your membership.

What is Rotary?

You may have seen the Rotary symbol around your town or heard about the many initiatives Rotary does from friends or family. But do you really know what Rotary International is?


  • Started in 1905 by Paul Harris for a group of friends to connect professionally and work together to make a difference in their community
  • Rotary is the world's first service organization with 1.3 million members worldwide in over 200 countries. Membership allows you to network on a global scale


  • Connect and develop leaders from all continents, cultures, occupations and ages.
  • Exchange ideas and share diverse perspectives by expanding your social network and your worldview.
  • Take action and make a lasting change in communities around the world


  • Rotary encourages the educational aspirations of future leaders through numerous scholarships and Rotary's Peace Fellowships
  • Rotary helps to develop the youth of the world through it's youth centered programs: Interact, Rotaract and Youth Exchange
  • Rotary's key iniative is End Polio Now. In 1988 there were 125 Polio endemic countries, now there are only 3 Polio endemic countries.
  • All over the world there are service projects happening, organised and lead by Rotarians at a grass roots level wanting to make a difference. This is the power of Rotary

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